Warwick.pngWarwick International is a leading supplier of speciality chemicals, recognised both for excellence in customer service and product quality. Warwick International is part of Sequa Corporation of the USA, which has a turnover of $1.8 billion.

With headquarters in the UK, chemical distribution companies in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and South Africa as well as offices in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, Warwick International manufactures and markets speciality chemicals for a diverse range of industrial applications.

Market Sector:
Speciality Chemicals

Electrical Inspections

The Problem:
Paper based inspection schedules required inspectors to complete an inspection certificate for every single item inspected which then had to be filed for traceability purposes which was both expensive and environmentally harmful.

Warwick International needed to find a way to reduce the amount of paperwork involved with carrying out their inspection schedule. They also wanted to improve the efficiency of the inspection process by eliminating the need for inspectors to complete paper records for every inspection.

The Solution:
IndEx enabled Warwick International to achieve their ultimate aim of eliminating paperwork from their inspection regime. Due to the flexibility within IndEx, Warwick International have also realised that they are not restricted simply to electrical inspection work and that IndEx could be further applied to Engineering Maintenance.

The Benefits:
By using IndEx and hand-held devices to electronically record asset details and inspection results, inspectors are completing more inspections on the site whilst also achieving a reduction in man-hours required to carry out those inspections.

Because inspection asset details can be downloaded directly to the hand-held device, IndEx provides an easy means of feeding back any missing or changed asset details. Therefore, records of assets located on site are becoming much more accurate than they previously were.

All records are stored electronically, removing the need to store year on year paper based records, and each record is automatically date and time stamped with user ID so records are readily to hand for audit purposes.

Additionally, Warwick International inspectors are impressed with the ease of use of the hand-held device, finding it very user friendly.

And The Future:
Warwick International are just beginning to realise the extent for which IndEx can be utilised as a tool for Engineering Maintenance. They have further ideas to expand the use of the software which they are planning to explore in more detail in the near future.

Comments By:
Steve Williams, Hazardous Area Facilitator.

Terrington Swirl