Terrington Data Management’s leading product Transform is proving beneficial to businesses throughout the UK and worldwide in streamlining the collection and management of critical data. 

Transform is a flexible software package that provides an efficient way of managing and improving a company’s asset integrity & reliability.  Our customers find that the Transform software can reduce man hours by up to 85%. Transform does this by fully utilising the latest technologies, including industrial handheld devices and tablets, the Internet, barcodes and RFID which allow instant mobile data capture wherever and whenever it is required.

Paperless solutions for inspections and asset management

Terrington’s expert in-house software development team has perfected the Transform software so that the system streamlines procedures and improves efficiency and accuracy across your business. From the user’s perspective the system is straightforward and simple to use, especially when comparing to manually recording entries with pen and paper, the users are able to easily capture the required statutory data enabling your company to easily demonstrate compliance with legislation and business standards.

Instant recording, tracking and management of your data

The Transform software allows a complete and comprehensive audit trail of the collection and management of your company’s critical data including a transparent and fully auditable asset history with secure, instant management reporting and fault trending functionality.

We find that when a company new to Transform introduces our software to their team, following our comprehensive training programme, the team will quickly appreciate the benefits of Transform due to its simple format whereby the Transform paperless system electronically replicates your company’s paper based processes and data.  This means users are immediately familiar and comfortable with the system and how they use it day to day.  Transform quite simply makes the job of tracking, inspecting and testing easier to do.

Reducing time when comparing to paper-based systems

Here at Terrington we understand our customers’ requirements and that the need for a system that will enable them to capture data carry out inspections and verifications to business critical systems is of paramount importance. But this process can be time consuming and labour intensive, Transform will revolutionise this process for you reducing time and improving the accuracy of your company’s records. Our customers tell us the time savings are considerable once they have introduced TransForm to their business, improving staff productivity to generate 40% - 70% efficiencies, most customers see return on their investment from 6 months.

Fast mobile data capture

Terrington’s Transform software has been developed over time working with our customers, such as BP Chemicals who use the software to manage tasks associated with plant commissioning and refurbishment projects, ensuring that plant downtime is kept to a minimum.  Transform offers many functions with saving time and increasing accuracy in mind including automatic calculations, user configurable selection lists, numeric validation limits and the ability to scan barcodes all combine to guarantee fast, accurate data collection.

TransForm is completely scalable and our customers vary from those with a single requirement to global companies with worldwide requirements. The Terrington team is always on hand to discuss developments and new software enhancements with you, the system has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and a future proof system delivering both current and future needs without the risk and commitment associated with custom development.

For more information about Transform and how it might be able to help your business click here.  Our team is available for face to face or online demonstrations to discuss your requirements and how the Transform system can be customised for your business.

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